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Aug 3, 2012

Virginian Pilot: Chesapeake agency sues contractors over drywall

Less than two months after joining in a $13 million settlement with about 200 home-owners, a pair of Hampton Road businesses are facing another legal fight over the installation of tainted Chinese-made drywall. And this time, the plaintiff is a government agency.

Jun 21, 2012

Virginian Pilot: $13M settlement reached in Chinese drywall cases

In one of the most important steps in the local saga over tainted Chinese-made drywall, attorneys announced Wednesday that a $13 million settlement has been reached between homeowners whose properties were built with the product and some of the companies they sued

Mar 10, 2012

WAVY TV: New Chinese drywall bill calls for ban

Hampton Roads' Congressman introduced new legislation Saturday that calls for a nationwide ban of Chinese drywall. This, after years of complaints from local families. The Norfolk-based company that first brought Chinese drywall to Hampton Roads has since gone out of business. Many of the homes built with the tainted materials sit empty, abandoned by families worried for their health.

Mar 10, 2012

Daily Press: Hampton Roads congressional delegation highlights Chinese drywall problem

The "rotten eggs" smell emanating from Joe and Elizabeth Matulenas' Chinese drywall-riddled home on Saturday was so strong that people touring the home — including four members of Congress — wore respirators or gas masks. The Matulenas family evacuated their $450,000 home three years ago due to health problems they believe were caused by gases emitted from the drywall, and they are still dealing with the financial and medical repercussions of living in the home for more than three years.

Dec 15, 2011

Bloomberg: Chinese Drywall Maker To Pay Homeowners To Settle Contamination Lawsuits

Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co., a Chinese drywall maker, agreed to pay at least $800 million to settle homeowner claims that faulty building materials contaminated their homes with corrosive sulfur fumes, plaintiffs’ lawyers said.

Sep 17, 2010

New York Times: Drywall Flaws: Owners Gain Limited Relief

Linda and Randall Hunter own their dream house in Plant City, Fla., with an oversize master bedroom, granite countertops in the kitchen and a screened-in pool. The problem is they cannot bear to live there.

Sep 17, 2010

New York Times: How to Deal With Tainted Drywall

The first widespread complaints about defective Chinese drywall surfaced in Florida a few years ago, and since then roughly 3,500 homeowners in the United States have filed complaints with the federal government.

Aug 6, 2010

Daily Press: Family suspects defective drywall caused death

They moved to James City County from Connecticut one day four years ago in a vehicle caravan, Jeff and Susann Tierney followed by the couple's elderly parents. The Tierneys had just retired. They wanted to move to the Williamsburg area, but rather than leave their parents in Connecticut, they all decided to relocate to Virginia. The Tierneys purchased a single-family house and shopped for condominiums for Jeff's dad Donald Tierney, and Susann's parents Janet and Paul Jones.