Contaminated Drywall Caucus to Meet with Financial Industry Representatives On Behalf of Victims Tomorrow

Nov 29, 2011


Tomorrow the Congressional Contaminated Drywall Caucus, which is led by Reps. Scott Rigell and Ted Deutch, will meet with members of the financial industry to find ways lending institutions and credit reporting agencies can help mitigate the financial damage suffered by owners of homes with toxic Chinese-manufactured drywall.  The goal is persuade the financial industry to adopt industry standards and best practices that will help chart a clear path for Chinese drywall homeowners and minimize the financial setbacks caused by this toxic product.

Contaminated drywall manufactured in China has been discovered in nearly 4,000 homes in more than 40 states. This problem drywall releases toxic gasses into the indoor atmosphere of the homes and has been linked to adverse health conditions and home safety hazards.  Many families have consequently moved out of their homes and faced financial hardship as they have tried to avoid foreclosure on a home that is uninhabitable.